History of Monkey Monk

Humans evolved from Monkeys; the wild and free souls who are unconcerned about any rules under the sun. And the Monks are the living image of peace and tranquility that control their own lives. Monkey Monk, the best entertainment spot in Chennai, was started in the year 2017 with a motive - To kill boredom and break the monotony of everyday life. As the name suggests, Monkey Monk has been built to give you the experience of playing the monkey and the monk life or everything in between. As we evolved into modern humans that we are today, we became obsessed with the problems around us and our personal and professional responsibilities. Monkey Monk is a place for you to be wild and free. Forget about public scrutiny and bring back the child in you. With us you can cherish happiness, and make memories that you would like to carry your whole life.


About GT Group

Since 1967, General Traders has been one of the largest and the fastest growing conglomerates in India. By successfully conquering numerous milestones with every passing year through dedication and intense hardwork, Mr. Kantilal Doshi, the Chairperson of GT Group of companies, flourishingly became a pioneer in the Domestic and International market.

GT Group with its 50 years of experience has forayed into diverse areas such as Trade, Realty, Manufacture, education, Lease, IT and Adventure. Behind this progressive rise to prominence is a story of vision, foresight, planning, and excellence. The willingness to face challenges has made GT Group a recognized name globally.

Why Monkey Monk is the best?

Monkey Monk, the best entertainment spot in Chennai, was started in the year 2017 with a motive - To kill boredom and break the monotony of everyday life. At Monkey Monk, we provide you an exhilarating line-up of both adventure and leisure activities to rejuvenate yourself. If you are a challenge seeker or a risk taker, this is going to be a treat for you.
If you want to party with your friends, organize a team outing with colleagues, arrange a family get-together or go camping - We got it all covered. Not only this, we also do destination weddings. Stretched across a very huge area of 6 acres, this place promises you a very sophisticated and personalized experience. Adventure, leisure sports, Camping, and Partying - All at one place!
Even a single day at Monkey Monk will yield a lot of benefits to your personal or professional life. Building valuable relationships with your loved ones and health benefits are just a few to mention.
We, at Monkey Monk are very particular and uncompromising when it comes to the safety and privacy of our customers. We have an experienced team of highly professional trainers to guide you and ensure comfort and satisfaction. Be utterly wild and enjoy, your safety is our priority. Choose your day and spend a good deal of happy time with us.

Accomodation and Activities

At the Monk Shelter, we provide facilities and amenities to make your stay more comfortable and safe. This heavenly property is packed with adventure and leisure spots and totally lets you enjoy thrill-yet-peaceful time with your friends and family. Our cleverly planned activities are not only fun but it also ensures the physical activities with various beneficial aspects. Monkey Monk offers an opportunity where you and your team can learn and partake in team building skills and team building programs.