Tyre Valley Crossing

May we belong to the village or the city; tyres are the most valuable part of our life, for they drive us into happiness. Imagine the Tamil movie show casting those little boys chasing away the tyres with the little sticks; because tyres are the only things seeming affordable and interesting to them.

Stop the flow of your imagination; cause you are not going to be doing the same; yet going to be playing with the tyres. Beginning from the Tyre Jump, which as the name suggests comes along the course of the other tyre games. They are a part of a set of Tyre games, like Tyre Jump, Tyre Crawling, Tyre ladder,Tyre Swinging and net crawling, swinging valley crossing.

These set of games, in which few are easy and few are challenging. You will be asked to finish all these set of games in the order. Through the course of the game you will be asked to jump, crawl, cross, climb, enjoy, balance, accept, finish and then relax. Wherein your fellow crewmembers will be cheering you to finish the task as soon as possible to win over the other team. There are many other modes to these games, which will not be revealed because they will be the spoilers of your fun. Experience it, play it, finish it, accept it to feel its uniqueness.