How would Privacy add on to your enjoyment in the trips with these facilities provided?

Have you ever thought that trip could be more fun if there is no one to warn you by telling your gang is too loud? Or have you internalized that no such trip is possible with the strict rules of college or no one to coordinate to make up for such a trip!!

Now it is possible. “MONKEY MONK” will make it possible!!

Because “MONKEY MONK” lets you experience the new modes of happiness, fun, laughter, happiness, enjoyment, memories and what not.

Visit “MONKEY MONK” with your friends, family, cousins or colleagues.  Enjoy the fresh air from beech, dive deep into the pool and relieve yourself from all the stress, wet yourself in the rain and relax on the shore. Yes, absolutely no one to destroy your peace, other than your friends. (Please bear with them; they might coax you into taking up the challenging rope climbing challenge or you bet them in the human version of the foosball game. Or like the “FRIENDS” plan for interesting friendly tournament.)


Yes, absolutely no one shouts at you to stop!!

The time when you complete the trip,

You will be handed over with the happy memories to cherish.

Good photographs that would bring a smile to your face anytime to see.

Contentment that you had enjoyed your trip to the fullest.

Satisfaction that you had invested the money for your happiness and memories.

Happy that you had taken the right decision by choosing “MONKEY MONK”