Flying Fox

Childhood is the happiest, craziest and sure to be missed by any, may it be a stone hearted one or the one contented with life; the yearning to go back to the childhood is always felt. Although no set up can equate the same childhood feeling, but an attempt can definitely make us happier.

Thus also understanding that almost everyone is becoming the monks of stress and pressure, we have decided to make people play in between their previous monkey life and the present monk life; make people again adorn their life with the same tot kind laughter, same adolescent smiles garnished with little maturity upon that to be called with proud“Monkey Monk”.

Hang by a rope and experience it all again. Experience the fearlessness while climbing the tree, experience the delight to view from the top, experience the cheers while you are on the top, and thus experience your childhood all again.  Overcome the fear simultaneously and push yourself to slide through the flying fox. Shout like a monkey and make the whole “Monkey Monk” yours. Live with the belief of safety and move with the privacy; shout and escape from the fear and make the whole place yours. At the end, make this ultimate struggle of completing the challenge as a part of your happy memory.