1. What is special about Monkey Monk?

Being identified as “CHENNAI’s first B2B” we are known for offering Privacy along with the other adventurous “ChillThrill” games like flying fox, commando net etc.

2. Is Monkey Monk the right place for pregnant women and young kids?

Despite having lots of adventurous games; Monkey Monk also gives an access to beach, tent stay, bon fire, camping and shelter in the air conditioned rooms; which would add on to a new experience all together to people of varied age groups.

3. How about the rates?

We have two tariff; one is for the bulk booking other is the per person rate. However, the latter could be used only if the guests are more than 30 in count.

4. Can Monkey Monk be used for the wedding purpose?

Of course, Monkey Monk has various poles; it is being used for marriage banqueting, beach wedding anniversary, School camps, corporate outing, school excursions, college outings etc. Depending on the requirements of the guests we give them the itenery.

5. What are the highlights of Monkey Monk?

Rain Dance, swimming pool, Monk shelter, eye of the Monk, other adventurous games which goes in hand with the privacy.