Commando Net

Make Struggle a Part of your Happiness.

The ripened fruits are always at the top, because very few have the courage to reach up to it to feel its taste. But whoever reaches has reached: perhaps has become the fittest and according to Darwin the fittest survives. Be odd and be the number one, learn to take risk, know your perceived limits, perform steadily under pressure, give and receive assistance from others, collaborate with co-players and realize you can accomplish more as a team.

The ropes are tightly tied to the trees; they are perfectly spaced to add on to the thrill factor. The property of the rope: neither fully stiff to hold you tight nor fully weak to let you down adds on to the fun factor of the game. Thus, Commando Net; commence to make struggle a part of your happiness. Make this whole world conspire to keep you motivated to complete the task. Then reach the top and feel the smile. May be it is difficult, may be it is challenging and may be it makes you question about your safety despite all safety measures. But, remember beyond the walls is the beautiful home, beyond all fear is the happiness, and the ultimate achievement leads to self confidence and makes you realize everything about your capability to tackle all problems and fear.