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GO Campin

GO Campin

January 24, 2018

Experience Monkey Monk Camping The things apart from your routine.

Experience things apart from your routine.Have you ever wanted your kid to get away from the electronic gadgets and connect socially, perhaps not through social networking sites. Have you ever wanted your kid to explore and frame their own definition of independence. Yes, for kids should learn to be independent and parents always want to know. What my kid would do being away from me. Children can have a fun and also make new friends outside the house mostly in Camping.

Bonfire Camping


If life is all about happiness, we all got to realize the importance of age and its values. Just to encourage this Monkey Monk has begun conducting camps for kids. Our experience says, kids really enjoy experiencing the other shades of childhood and craziness: they enjoy doing their own work, they enjoy engaging with the people of the own age group or precisely saying they enjoy doing anything and everything apart from their daily routine.

Tent Camping



Our motive behind “GO CAMPIN” is to let the child experience the childhood. Wherein we also simultaneously realize that from learning to be independent to imagining living a life of teen. Adult and aged is a part of childhood.  Washing their own plates, cleaning their own room, waking up on time, eating the right amount of food without forcing ought to be a part of Childhood diaries.

Safety is our concern too, for it is the prominent factor influencing our identity.  Whatsoever parents want their kid to expose to the world, safety is always they would like to insure. Thus recognizing its importance we have always wanted to ensure double safety for male and triple safety for female. for we do not want anyone to not experience things because of their gender.

Now, answering the questions of the kid: “what are we exactly going to do there?”  Beginning from beach jogging to forest walks. The tent stays to Bonfire, watching movies in the open theater. Performing plays, yoga, climbing the trees, Flying fox, Burma Bridge, their crawling, swimming, Rain Dance, enjoyment to strict rules, tasty meals to healthy drinks, everything will be enjoyed.


Go Campin

So if you agree with us, note when your kids have holidays. We will utilize their summer vacations, winter vacations and make them experience different shades of childhood.

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