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Camping in Chennai

Camping in Chennai

June 2, 2018

Adventure Camping in Chennai:

Tracing back the history of what kinds of 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s; although many have adapted themselves to the modern culture the question of who have enjoyed the most always rises. Well, every age had recorded a different history and every age has its own drawback. Camping in Chennai, While the kids of 80’s wouldn’t have imagined something like camping with kids of 2000’s. We Wouldn’t have imagined anything like gathering at a friend’s place and enjoying the movie even though it’s a poor quality. Nevertheless, all kids long to experience what their ancestors have narrated. Thus, accepting this lot of schools, event managers and adventure parks began planning for something like camping in the city.

Camping in Chennai

Camping in Chennai at Monkey Monk ECR

Camping in Chennai has become popular one these days. Below are the things and ideas that people want to give it to the Chennai audience.

Monkey Monk, an adventure park has begun “Go Campin” to make people get back into their childhood. These camping in Chennai are not only for kids, but for grandparents and grand kids, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, siblings, cousins, daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law etc. The Camping in Chennai have been initiated very recently and the purpose behind is just to kindle the childishness that is lying dormant within them.

Present is an outcome of past. Sometimes returning to the past in itself is an experience of something new. Hence the organizers bring in something related to 1980’s; like ‘Uriyadi’, ‘Nondi Vilayattu’, ‘bambaram’, ‘kho-kho’, ‘7 stones’, ‘Diary Writing’ etc. These Games have been arranged and organized in such a way that kids enjoy their independence and simultaneously also understand the motive of the game.

Childhood of Parents

Adventure Activity in Chennai

adventure activity at Monkey Monk

These days kids are all into electronic gadgets and have been communicating only digitally. Looks as if they are not introduced to the childhood that could be more active and fun filled. Thanks to the parents, who at least make their kids realize its importance, narrate their childhood, and evoke a desire among the kids. These camps are one of ways, which makes the kid experience the childhood of their parents. While they are pushed to actively participate in all the games. Slowly they involve themselves in the camp and begin enjoying the environment, concept and start living through the friendship. Camping in Chennai which is in the City helps society to explore new things within the City.

Adventure Activity in Chennai

Monkey Monk Camp

Monkey Monk Camp May 2018

Realizing that this is the age where kids enter from their childhood to the adolescent. The coordinators plan for games and activities that make the kids know the importance of responsibilities and the challenges in fulfilling it to the fullest. Because the camp happen for the kids of all age groups, they are planned such a way everything is age centered. For example, the elder kids are made the captains that they can experience how happy and balanced life demands for responsibilities. The kids of 9-10 years are asked to take care of the younger aged kids that they learn how to take care of the younger people in the absence of parents. Life begins from our own family.

Adventure Activity in Chennai

Activity area at Monkey Monk

Group Division teaches them importance of co-ordination, identification of others talents and nominating them to lead their team towards victory. Being a part of a group, it is ensured that all kids are given some additional responsibilities like maintaining cleanliness around. Discipline amongst them, ensure that the clothes are dried and packed properly. It also includes looking after the health of the others- if the kids are having proper amount of food in the given time.

Burma Bridge in Chennai

Burma Bridge at Monkey Monk

Health and Safety for Kids

Hygiene plays a very important role in camps. At home parents ensure cleanliness, perhaps outside the place is common to all. In addition, because kids are very vulnerable, the organizers ensure cleanliness for the health of the kids. Favorable ambiance for the kids that they experience something that they do not experience in their daily life- beach, view point, & sand. Open space that they feel they are spending time with themselves as well as participating in games with others. Space plays a very important role too actively involved. All day kids require proper sleep to remain healthy and active for the rest.  Hence, tent stay in the winter and AC rooms in the summer that the camping gives something new to the kids. In addition, they should not feel suffocated to any arrangements and have a peaceful sleep.

Safety and security also plays a very vital role. Although the organizers feel that, their place is 100% safe, they require some extra power to ensure safety and security of the kids. Just as more female staffs to increase the participation of girls and to make the kids and parents feel secured. A whats app group where the photos of kids playing and enjoying updated every now and then that it satisfies the parents. In case of any emergency, an ambulance and doctors required to be standing all the time at the venue.

A proper itinerary, swimming, music, lovable anchor, friendly co-coordinators. Strict teachers caring caretakers, healthy meal, proper safety and security arranged. There is nothing to worry about there could be no reason stated for not sending the kids. The world is changing and is always trying to take a step towards gender equality.


These camping are one such ways to make the kids understand the importance of respecting the people of opposite gender.

ECR Beach in Chennai

Monkey Monk Beach

These camps are also a way to incorporate, a new habit into kids’ life such as jogging and diary writing. It is also a way to make them experience their independence and enjoy their childhood. It is a way to teach them what kids of this age fall into. Sessions arranged to teach them to deal the problems with maturity. Knowledge about good touch and bad touch, classes on self-defense and the need to question the taboo topics and unusual. At Monkey Monk you can find many Adventure Games and sports activity for more details check out Adventure Games in Chennai

Camping in Chennai

Monkey Monk Camp Certificate and Medals


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Camping in Chennai
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Camping in Chennai
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Jaya on June 23, 2018 AT 06 am

I would like to receive details of the events. My son is four years old

Kesav on September 7, 2018 AT 05 am

Hi Please send us details for family outing for a day or two in your place.

    Monkey Monk Team on September 7, 2018 AT 05 am

    Thank you for your interest in Monkey Monk Entertainment Zone in Chennai, Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible or you can also contact us on 099400 30002