Bungee Basketball

Bungee Basketball & Human Foosball.

We have been waiting all time to do something different and experience something different. So here the difference, that gives Monkey Monk a different identity. Bungee Basket Ball, is a air filled set up that will be set and you will be asked to play basket ball on that surface. The rules for it are different, the method followed is different, and the minimum number of people required is also different from the original Basket Ball game.  So experience for it will be different. Safety will be taken care, and the fun will be guaranteed.

Similarly, to be unique we have installed a human version of foosball. Obviously we have all played normal foosball and have also seen Joey and Chandler having battle over it. Its time to replace the plastics dolls with the real humans. Yes, nothing wrong in doing that if the fun is guaranteed.

As we have always been promising, we still repeat about the guaranteed fun.