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Adventure Games in Chennai

October 3, 2017

“Experience the Adventure games, feel the craziness that is due.” Monkeys are the previous versions of humans. They are crazy by heart, playful in appearance, and always playful. When these Monkeys gather together the dedication towards craziness is guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if someone is the Monk of stress and pressure, when they become Monkeys again, their crazy side would be revealed and they would initiate to be a part of the adventure games.


At the same time, returning to the Monkey version of you also means returning to your Childhood again or returning to that childhood that your parents narrated to which adventure games was a bigger part. Yes, may be you should “Return Again”. Live a life again with no tension, no stress, and again transcend all the borders of craziness with the crazy adventure games like “Commando Net”, “Flying Fox”; which probably the kids of 80’s practiced with their “Monkey Monk” adventure game partners.

Adventure Games

Adventure Games in Chennai:

“Once you had jumped in between the tyre and pumped the blood with your internal fire. Simultaneously, then your fellow “Monkey Monk” adventure game partner had cheered you. You had played in between the adventure games and climbed the tall tree to pluck the mangoes; when your mom had warned you of washing your dirty clothes yourself.” Mr.Monk reinforces you to rewind and imagine those happy days with those adventure games. He also asks if you do not miss those days where fearlessly you got wet in the rain and then had hot bajji or tea and enjoyed the adventure games.

  • Your caring friend besides to wipe your wet hair or your adventure game partner; with whom you had a bet to win the race.
  • The one you would coax into taking up the toughest game challenge, or with your adventure game partener, with whom you could dream on the shores of the sea and talk to the stars.
  • The bonfire with your gang for hours in the night playing “truth or dare” or on a adventure with nature.
  • Plan for the tournament in cricket like the fellow “Chennai 28” people or bet on the human version of Foosball and stick to your adventure game.

This adventure game series might have an interesting ending or perhaps end up the way it ended up with Monica and Ross!!

Visit “MONKEY MONK” with your friends, family, cousins or colleagues.  Enjoy the fresh air from beech, dive deep into the pool and relieve yourself from all the stress, wet yourself in the rain and relax on the shore. Yes, absolutely no one to destroy your peace, other than your friends. (Please bear with them, they are always interesting though annoying and pulling you in the adventure games)


“Yes, it’s true. Monkey Monk, a platform in Chennai would lead you into adventure games peacefully with total privacy. No one to accuse you by telling: “You are louder. Don’t disturb others. For the first time in Chennai: a “ChillThrill” zone, functioning with your enjoyment in the minds and your interest towards adventure games. Experience it.”

Do not believe Mr.Monk? Do you think Mr.Monk is just exhaggerating things about adventure games?

Then listen:

How Mr.Monk “Monkeyed the Monk style” and his journey with these adventure games.

“Mr.Monk’s life became boring with no adventure games: they had made him the monks of stress and pressure. Mr.Monk knew avoiding it was an impossible option. Then Mr.Monk learnt: tackling the problem is a smart option, tackling it in a funny way is a smarter option, tackling it in MONKEY’S STYLE is the smartest option.

Mr.Monk slowly embodied it in his life style. Now, Mr.Monk Mr. Monkey Monk used to adventure game the problems and craziness just like the Monkey do.  There after, Mr.Monk  Mr.Monkey Monk began living happy and a craziness filled life.”

YES!! It’s time to adventure and experience the Childhood again. At the end you will receive all these:

  • Be handed over with the happy memories to cherish
  • Good photographs that would bring a smile to your face anytime to see
  • Contentment that you had enjoyed your trip to the fullest
  • Satisfaction that you had invested the money for your happiness and memories, and happy that you had taken the right decision by choosing “MONKEY MONK” for your enjoyment and your interest in adventure games

“Absolutely correct” asserts Mr.Monkey Monk.

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